3D Design Services

Have an Idea that no one is doing in Drone Racing Parts or another area?  We would love to hear your thoughts or ideas to make it come to reality!  Send us a Facebook Message or E-mail!

Frame Design Services

Our Design Team team does provide services to design you a custom race frame. We can also provide and print the accessories. Prototypes can be provided in CNCd Carbon Fiber or 3D Printed in PLA after you have finalized the design.

Wholesale Printing Requests

Contact us for a quote on wholesale printing requests.  Provide your model and quantity you want ordered and we can provide custom pricing.

Material Specialization

Leet3D Offers specialization in the following materials; TPU (Sainsmart / Hatchbox) Nylon (Taulman3D 645 And 910) PLA / ABS / PETG


If you have a local North Texas event or are interested in a sponsorship please do not hesitate to contact us.  Leet3D wants to be active in the community and help fellow drone enthusiasts and creators alike!

Let us Sell your Brand or Model

Want to earn commission on your Model?  Let us Sell your Model or Brand! If you are interested in us selling a model you have designed in our store or your brand please contact us for more details!

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